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Clear Album Dearest
ringoluvapples wrote in niconicosingers
Clear a popular nico singer has an album releasing Sept 8th
For preorder right now on yesasia

Support Clear!

Twitter Trend: #Clear_Clear
Follow Clear on Twitter at @Clear_Clear

Clear is under the album label avex trax!

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Im already preordering mine today!~
I really hope he gets some level on the oricon chart he really deserves it it to WAY to long for his album to come out.
Yeah that is a little weird i like the magnet ver with with Dasoku better anyway? So i dont know why there doing that. Either way im preordering this<3

Yeah i pretty sure its avex, thats what everything is telling me but hey i could be wrong, I know Rapbitos albums are under RapStar Ent, and Deco's are under someone weird as well. i guess we'll find out for sure for sure when his album comes out.

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