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Clear Album Dearest
ringoluvapples wrote in niconicosingers
Clear a popular nico singer has an album releasing Sept 8th
For preorder right now on yesasia

Support Clear!

Twitter Trend: #Clear_Clear
Follow Clear on Twitter at @Clear_Clear

Clear is under the album label avex trax!

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Wow! Avex? Are you sure!?
I thought he was on Dwango, dmARTS to be more specific like Valshe.
Maybe avex trax is the distributor company while Dwango is the label.
Well, we need to make clear enter the oricon chart!!!!.
I was a little sad because in the tracklist, he decided to go Iroha Uta with Dasoku. Why? He already had his solo version, he should put the magnet duet instead. I'm saying this because all the songs are going to be recorded again. Maybe their goal is making the same impact like Jack and Tolie's Iroha Uta, I don't know??

Im already preordering mine today!~
I really hope he gets some level on the oricon chart he really deserves it it to WAY to long for his album to come out.
Yeah that is a little weird i like the magnet ver with with Dasoku better anyway? So i dont know why there doing that. Either way im preordering this<3

Yeah i pretty sure its avex, thats what everything is telling me but hey i could be wrong, I know Rapbitos albums are under RapStar Ent, and Deco's are under someone weird as well. i guess we'll find out for sure for sure when his album comes out.

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